About – The National Theatre of Greenland


The National Theatre of Greenland (Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia) is an independent, public institution, established in 2011.

The National Theatre of Greenland aims to produce a repertoire of high artistic quality in the performing arts, which is based in Greenlandic culture and traditions. The Theater produces 3-5 performances every year and endeavors to produce and present a diversity of artistic expression for all age groups. Touring The National Theatre of Greenland’s activities includes touring, mostly in Greenland, but also outside the country. The productions tour throughout the country where they are presented at schools, educational institutions, assembly houses and/or sports halls for a performance fee. In 2015 the Theater travelled to Germany for the first time to perform the show, ‘Minik’ played at Theater Trier.

Actor School and Workshops The National Theatre of Greenland is responsible for educating actors through an actor training program. It is a 2-year program with admission every second year with a maximum of 5 students. Acting students are included in selected productions at the Theater as part of their training. The theater and the acting school collaborate on the planning and delivery of the curriculum, for example, in drama, film technique, physical movement, voice, ect.

International cooperation and guest performances The National Theatre of Greenland also contributes to the Greenlandic art and culture by engaging in international professional productions and collaborative projects. The theater has, among other things, been a co-founder of Circus Effects Network, a Nordic cooperation that resulted in the ‘Toqqortat’ performance in 2014, the largest production in the life of the theater, which was seen by more than half of the population of Nuuk. The Theatre annually presents various local, national and international guest performances.

Amateur Theatre The National Theatre of Greenland has an ongoing dialogue with theater groups and cultural institutions across the country. Every year the theatre provides a seminar for amateur theater groups that is organized by the Theater’s professional staff. Administration The National Theatre currently has 6 employees, which includes 2 in administration 3 in production and 1 full-time position for the Principal of the actor’s training school. In connection with setting up of performances, tours and workshops, temporary staff is hired on a contract basis (actors, instructors, technicians, musicians ect.).

In October 2011, Svenn B. Syrin became the first Artictic Director of The National Theatre. He retired his position, January 1, 2016, to be replaced by Susanne Andreasen.