Application guidelines and admission requirements to The National Theatre School of Greenland.

How to apply.

All, who have reached 18 years of age, and who believe they possess the required talent and skills
for acting are welcome to submit an application.

The applicant’s level of maturity, personal independence and capacity to work will play an integral
part of the selection process.

If your Greenlandic language skills are limited, be prepared for the fact that you will be required to achieve full proficiency of the language within a limited time span.

As physical training and vocal practice will be tough and demanding, admittance will not be granted
should you have any physical or vocal limitations.

Audition requirements.

In order to apply to The National Theatre School of Greenland program in Acting, all applicants
are required to audition twice.

Please submit a video recording (maximum 10 minutes) to The National Theatre School of Greenland
with the following:

1) A dramatic text chosen by the Theatre School management. There is a selection of four
different texts that you are welcome to choose from, two female monologues and two male
monologues. Please choose one of the monologues, learn it by heart and record your performance.

2) Sing a song of your own choosing.
You are free to sing the song with or without the use of instrumental accompaniment.

3) Describe a bit about yourself, your age and your previous educational and job experience. Please include your e-mail address.

A three person admissions board will review your application.

You may submit your audition on video, DVD, mini DV or by e-mail to: makka@nuis.gl

Submitted auditions will not be returned unless return postage has been enclosed by the applicant.

All applicants will be notified by e-mail if their application and audition have been accepted.
Should an applicant be denied admission after the first audition, no grounds for the denial will be given.

Please write “Admissions” on the envelope.

If you choose to send by e-mail, please submit your application to: makka@nuis.gl

Please go to our website to locate the monologues: www.nuis.gl



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