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What does it take?

Actor School

The National Theatre of Greenland is responsible for educating actors through an actor training program. It is a 2-year program with admission every second year with a maximum of 5 students. Acting students are included in selected productions at the Theater as part of their training.

The theater and the acting school collaborate on the planning and delivery of the curriculum, for example, in drama, film technique, physical movement, voice, ect.

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Actor School

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Udannelsen indeholder følgende fag og moduler:

Modul/ECTS 1. sem 2. sem 3. sem 4. sem
Kulturhistore og dramaturgi 2 2 2 1
Fysiodramatik 4 4 4 4
Tale og stemme 3 3 3 3
Sang/musikdrama 3 2 2  
Kunstnerisk udviklingsarbejde   1 1 1
Tværfagligt fundament   8 5 5
Grundlæggende skuespiltræning 7 8 8 10
Studierejse og praktik     4  
Sprog 2 2 2 2
Forestillinger 3 3 3 3
Medietræning     1 1
Afslutningsprojekt     9 9
ECTS i alt 30 30 30 30


National Teatrets


Kommende skuespillere // juni 2016

Ane Marie
Færdig juni 2016
Færdig juni 2016
Færdig juni 2016
Færdig juni 2016

Udlærte skuespillere // 2014

majbritt bech
Uddannet 2014
klaus geisler
Uddannet 2014
hans henrik
suersaq poulsen
Uddannet 2014
miké f. thomsen
Uddannet 2014
The National Theatre School of Greenland

The National Theatre School is run by the National Theatre of Greenland.


The purpose of the school

The purpose of the National Theatre School is to educate actors and cultural workers. The wish for the future is to expand the school to include following subjects: Light design, Sound, scenography, costume design. Props, direction and scriptwriting.


Duration and languages used in the program

The school is a two year program. The students will be given different tools for acting and teaching. Inuttut (Greenlandic) and English are the language used at the school. The students will receive classes in both languages. By the end of the program they shall be able to share their thoughts and visions, first of all with the other Inuit in Canada, Alaska and Siberia, but also with other English speaking people.


The Teachers

There are 2 permanent teachers beside the principal of the school, who also gives classes. One in Inuit languages, history and mythology, and the other in dramaturgy and movement. The other teachers are brought to the school from abroad.