A historical city walk in a theatrical setting. Theater and history combined.
August 15th to September 5th 2021

The audience is drawn into a dramatic depiction of life in Greenland and Nuuk all the way back from the Dorset people, through the colonial era to the modern and traditional Nuuk.

Language: English Duration: 1,5 hours Age limit: From 12+
Not suitable for: Wheelchair users or people who has difficulties walking
Note: Bring warm clothes. Please don’t photograph or record the performance
Performance period: August 15th to September 5th
Tickets are purchased at: https://www.facebook.com/travelbyheartgreenland
Meeting point: By the cairn (Inussuk) across from Anori Art, where the streets Indaleeqqap Aqqutaa and Tuapannguit meets

The performance has been supported by Sermeq Puljen Visit us on facebook.com/trailsandtalesgreenland

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